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Romantic meals are incomplete without desserts and we've got the best sweet treat to add some spice to your relationship!

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It's tasty, full of flavour and might even be called somewhat healthy! The Sev Puri is a street food delight that will blow your mind with it's appetizing taste that's light on the palate. Try it today, at the Bombay Kitchen + Bar!

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Our dishes are an exquisite presentation of sumptuous flavours and now we're serving them in a way that's even better! Get an experience of the elements whilst satiating your hunger with the newly opened patio at the Bombay Kitchen + Bar!

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BASMATI RICE - Basmati steamed rice 3.50

PEAS PULAO - Rice cooked with sweet peas and spices 4.95

BROWN RICE - Brown Basmati Rice 4.95


RAS MALAI - Cheese patties soaked in sweet milk with mixed nuts and syrup 4.95

GULAB JAMUN - Pastry balls deep-fried and served in syrup 4.95

MANGO CHEESECAKE - Real mango flavour and cream cheese 6.95

KHEER - Traditional chilled Indian rice pudding with nuts 4.95

MANGO ICE CREAM - Ice cream made with mango 4.95

FALOODA - Dessert drink with rose syrup, basil seed and silky noodles with homemade ice cream 7.95

GAJAR KA HALWA - Indian pudding made with fresh carrots, milk, sugar, ghee and nuts

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